• Kari Wilde

Beach Adventures: Hug Point State Park, Oregon Coast

Flying at Hug Point State Park

I took the kids to Hug Point State Park a few weeks ago ( I am really behind on posting here, I have like 7898654 adventures I need to post) and as usual it was great. My kids love the beach and hardly anything goes wrong, unlike many of other adventures which often go wrong :)

Things I love about Hug State Point Park:

1) The rad caves

2) Amazing rock formations

3) Fantastic waterfall

4) Beautiful creek

5) Tide pools

6) Pioneer History

If you live in Oregon, skip Cannon Beach and just head over to Hug Point. However, I suggest you visit when the tide is low or else the beach is rather small and closed in. When the tide is out it stretches for miles across some of the most incredible landscapes in the Northern Coast. It is a GEM.

We love the Oregon Coast with all our heart. There is just way too much to do at the beach. The ocean grabs for the kid's imagination and they're sucked in. In fact, now that I think about the whole "nothing goes wrong at the beach", I lied. Trying to leave goes wrong. Nobody wants to leave and exiting typically involves me dragging three angry kids from out of their sand caves.

On this particular trip we explored quite a few caves and apparently my kids are not afraid of caves ( unlike someone else I know..... ME). So they went full in while I lingered outside waiting for them to be done. We then played in a waterfall ( yes , in Oregon we have spectacular beach waterfalls!) and found a sweet little creek to knock out a few hours.

After an easy beach picnic ( i.e. carrot sticks, hummus, and apples) we headed over to climb some rocks. There were some small boulders the kids scurried up, pretending they were shipwrecked ( shipwrecked sailors who apparently had access to carrots and hummus :) hmmmm...muy interesante.

Then after a long day I dragged them back to the car with the promise of a BBC Planet Earth documentary on the sea for the ride home, which of course they loved because who doesn't dig Planet Earth!?

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