• Kari Wilde

Discovering New Trails- Adventures in Unschooling

The other day we headed out in search of some new trails and spots to play. I'm forever looking for new adventures to take the kids on and recently decided that I should probably commit to exploring some of the areas near to house more often. I have the habit of finding far flung adventures at the expense of ignoring perfectly good areas close to home!

We live near a pretty big lake that has 13 miles of trails, most of which we have never explored. We walked for about 30 minutes down a trail in search of some better sand and more pristine beach.

This area is really pretty but unfortunately people leave trash EVERYWHERE. It's really sad and disheartening to see how little people regard the planet. We always fill up a few bags worth of trash when we go here. The popular beach spots are just covered in trash and we figured if we wandered off the beaten path a bit more we may come to a slightly cleaner beach area.

After a bit of a walk we came across a new part of the lake that looked pretty good. The kids got down to business ( which meant lots of mud play and generally getting filthy) and I was able to actually talk to my husband without being interrupted every 15 seconds! It was glorious.

We stayed there for about 3 hours before deciding we all made the decision that cake from Whole Foods sounded like a good idea :)

We decided to follow the beach back to the car and that ended up being the most adventurous part of our beach expedition. After following the beach for about 20 minutes we came to a part that was nearly impassable and dammed with logs. We decided to just cross it by balancing on the logs anyhow and it ended up being so much!

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