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Hunting for Newts- Unschooling Science in Kindergarten

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Today we went out searching for newts and other amphibians that roam the forest after a good long rain. We love to explore the forest during or after a rain because the best adventures can be found the worst of weather.

How we unschool science in Kindergarten and Preschool

We follow the kids interests and let it take us in whatever direction their curiosities lead us. Sometimes their interests are fleeting and sometimes they go much deeper and last for years.

Things my two older boys are really interested in:

1. Airplanes and air travel

2. Space

3. Volcanoes/Mountains

4. Animals ( specifically birds, reptiles, bees, and beavers)

5. Map making/ navigation

6. Stormy weather / extreme weather

7. Boating/seafaring/ocean exploration

We have been studying one these items each day for probably the past two years and its amazing what deep study can bring out even in the tiniest of learners.

What unschooling Science Looks Like For Us:

  • I've been teaching my 6 year old to request books from the library. We take lots of trips to the library to pick up the dozens of books we request on a weekly basis!

  • We spend A LOT of time in nature ( 2-3 hours per day in winter and nearly the entire day in summer and spring).

  • We go on a lot of field trips (read this post on how we make homeschooling/unschooling affordable)

  • We make use of the internet, apps, and other free resources online to supplement our research

  • We listen to podcasts on the subjects we are interested in.

  • Play and creativity- "i.e. lets pretend we are sea lions"

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Ok, back to today. The kids were on a newt/salamander kick and we went out hunting and exploring the woods in search of some new slimy friends. In Oregon we have the Rough Skinned Newt which is toxic, so I made sure to give my kids the pep talk about not touching any newts they come across. We meandered through the woods, climbing over and around wet fallen trees and stumps in search of the elusive newt!

The kids found loads of mushrooms and other fun forest knickknacks but after an hour and half of looking, we had still come up empty handed in the great Newt Hunt of 2019.

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood


I don't even know if you can see the newt booty sticking out of the leaves, but he is there and we are so lucky to have found him!

Unschooling Science in Kindergarten : Rewildhood

Hope you have an excellent week friends and don't forget to connect with us on Instagram here!

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