• Kari Wilde

Kindergarten Nature Study

Today we went out into the woods and brought along our nature journals and a magnifying glass for good measure. The kids LOVE to use the magnifying glass, mostly to look at their own hands BUT it also comes in handy when we find a bug or some other cool forest find.

The kids rambled through the forest, magnifying glass in hand. My middle son fell of a tree ( evidence below) and my middle son decided it was a good idea to take his shoes off ( in the cold, rainy, muddy forest) and just run wild. Whatever, it made for a good photo anyhow. By the way, the kids wear VivoBareFoot Shoes . They are the only shoes we wear because we are all about natural movement! Plus they are incredibly sturdy....we've had them for about 4 months and they have yet to break which is a RECORD in our house.

When we got home the kids unloaded their treasure and started their mass dissection and decimation of their forest finds. They are still at the age where destruction is mostly what they find interesting, cutting down and peeling away everything to it's tiniest parts.

This makes a MASSIVE mess and I kinda hate it BUT the kids need to experiment and learn and so I just lurk in the corner with my broom in hand waiting to sweep the whole thing away!

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