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Lazy River Days of Winter

We like to head out to the rivers on days where we are not in the mood for a long hike in the forest. One of our favorite spots is a little park on the river that is used for boating but there are not too many people playing near the river.

The kids like to set up "shop" and sell seashells and rocks to each other. There are huge blocks of concrete that are scattered along the banks, which are perfect for climbing and exploring the hill area.

We usually spend a few hours playing here, before heading home or going on a little walk around other areas of the park. On this particular day there were a few large logs that had washed up to shore and the kids were having a blast trying to push them back into the river.

My two year did fall off a rock but other then that, it was a fine day with minimal injuries or shenanigans. Also nobody got wet, which is usually NEVER the case as my kids can't resist staying out of the water for very long at all!

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