• Kari Wilde

Rain Storms and Wrong Turns- On the Trail with Kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Last week we headed out to one of our local bird refuges to walk the trail and see if we could spot some great blue herons( one of our favorite birds). I had planned to only walk about 1.5 miles but we ended up walking 4 miles due to a wrong turn. Oooooppppsss. The kids were pretty tired of walking in the heat for so long and I felt kinda bad . But hey, good life lessons about perseverance and grit, right?

Half through our adventure it started pouring on us. We were forced to take shelter on a bridge that had a thick canopy of trees. It was a fun little break while we played "survival" as the rain storm passed. We've been having a pretty gloomy summer so far with lots of rain and a few interesting thunderstorms. This has been quite nice if I do say so myself since we've had the opportunity to view some very interesting lightening. We checked out a billion books from the library on thunderstorms an its preoccupied the kids for many an afternoon.

We did find that awesome blue heron and also happened upon very colorful caterpillars which we identified as Cinnabar moths. These little guys were released in Oregon to control the Ragwort population ( an invasive plant) but also have the delightful trait of being toxic to humans if stung. We did not know this but luckily avoided being stung!

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