• Kari Wilde

Sick Days

We haven't been sick in a while but we did come down with a cold last week that left the kids devastated. They are not used to having running noses, head aches, or sneezes and it threw them over the proverbial edge ( LOL). You would have thought they had some epic flu by their attitudes ( it was adorable to watch them band together in collective suffering). They declared that they couldn't go out ( and needed to watch documentaries and listen to stories all day) until they made a full recovery. I obliged because if they say their too sick, then it's settled! So here is how we spent a rare sick day!

1. First we played with glitter. I never let the kids have glitter because the mess is atrocious and I'm fairly certain it's horrible for the environment. But the kids had been asking me for years to play with glitter so today we did it.

2. Next we played with playdough and then made some home made orange juice. The kids had a blast squeezing their own golden elixir! I have been harassed every day since their "sick day" for more OJ.

3. We then watched a Planet Earth Documentary, followed by playing blocks and listening to some podcasts.

4. The day ended with a warm herbal bath, "sicky soup" and an early bed time!

The next day they were "kinda" sick but not really. We went out to the forest for about an hour but everyone complained so we packed it up early and headed back home for some cozy tea, reading and podcasts. It was an interesting change of pace but not something I could do everyday because my legs squirm after being home for too long!

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