• Kari Wilde

Spring Unschooling Routine

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and I am pumped. Today I thought I would write down some of our unschooling ideas and adventures for spring. I have so much I want to do, I have to really reign myself in. Here is what we are doing and have planned for spring.

1. Go out ( even more) . With the warmer weather we can stay out the entire day, which is my favorite thing to. I love packing a little lunch and heading out into the forest for hours on end, not having to worry about heading home for meals!

2. Build a raft. I saw a few designs on Pintrest for building homemade rafts and I'm just living for the idea of my kids building their own raft and sailing down creek. I think this is going to be quite the undertaking but my husband is an engineer so he can take care of all hard parts :)

3. Roller Coasters: My 6 year old took a physics class and has become OBSESSED with roller coasters. Therefore we are currently in a roller coaster fanatics phase. We are reading about them, building them, researching and drawing them- now we just need to find a kid friendly one to ride!

4. Climb a few mountains: We'd like to go on two larger mountain hikes, including climbing one of our favorite peaks again. We are itching to check out a few new hikes that are supposed to be loaded with wildflowers in spring!

5. Learn more about the Ancient Greeks. My son read a book on the cyclops and now he is OBSESSED with Homer, The Odyssey, and the Ancient Greeks. I remember falling asleep, bored to death over the Odyssey while in college except for the Cyclops part. That part was epic. I've requested a lot more kid friendly books on Homer, The Iliad, The Odyssey and Ancient Greece.

6. Work through our various science books. I have a great book called " Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding". It is technically a curriculum but my kids LOVE to do science experiments. My 4 year old son has been asking questions like " What is Air", "Where does wind come from" and "How do things get hot?". So I'm trying to nourish that part of him right now by doing lots of science activities and setting up experiments.

Our Unschooling Daily Routine

Right now our routine is wake up, play, eat breakfast, go outside for a few hours, lunch, read, "independent study", and more free outdoor play. We're been really focused on reading, math, learning chess, drawing, planes, science experiments and roller coasters. I am so looking forward to learning and growing more this spring!

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