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Stormy River Days-Wilderness Unschooling

Today we ventured out to a local river to play in the rain. It was glorious but a little eerie as a big weather system was closing in on us. The kids had so much fun throwing massive stones in the water, collecting large sticks and just stomping around the wilderness. We then decided to walk upstream and ended up finding some amazing spots along the river banks that will make for excellent summer day fun.

I love these wilderness expeditions, where the kids can run wild and free! After about 15 or 20 minutes they usually become entrenched is some deep imaginary play that can only happen in wild places. There really is so much scope for the imagination in these big open spaces.

This next week is supposed to be our coldest week yet....temperatures could even dip in to the high 30's! I know, I know, not too much to complain about given that our friends in the Midwest literally just endured arctic conditions with that insane polar vortex, but low 40's is pretty chilly around here. When the temp gets below that my kids start to really complain and there is nothing I can't stand more then three kids whining on repeat! We will still get out every day for at least a few hours, but it might not be as enjoyable for me! :)

Here are some things we want to do in the upcoming homeschooling week:

1. Start working with our nature journal and adventure logs.

2. Hunt for bird feathers to add to our collection

3. Work on a project from Kiwi Crate

4. Hit the library to refresh our book stash

5. Make a nourishing vegetable broth together.

Hope you have an excellent week friends! In case you missed it, here is our latest vlog and don't forget to connect with us on Instagram here

Unschooling Blog : Rewildhood

Unschooling Blog : Rewildhood

Unschooling Blog : Rewildhood

Unschooling Blog : Rewildhood

Unschooling Blog : Rewildhood

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