• Kari Wilde

Summer in the Pacific Northwest

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Oh summer in the PNW, how I love thee! It's been a nice summer here, mostly because we haven't had extremely scorching temperatures , which means we've had less wildfires which I sincerely appreciate. We had a few summers in a row with terrible fires. When combined with 100+ degree temperatures it was truly awful. Plus, when the air quality gets bad we are stuck indoors which is truly my worst fear as a mother ( the kids can destroy the house worse then a tornado).

But this summer has been lush, cloudy , slightly rainy ( with some sunny days sprinkled in) which has meant we've been exploring hard. Yesterday I took the kids to a few farms to gather some provisions, including ALL THE FLOWERS ( and of course all the berries and all the peaches).

We've had a relaxed summer school vibe going on too. We do math once or twice a week ( more like once) and have been doing lots of building projects ( like ferry ramps for the kids), gardening, and of course we've been reading every day. Other than that, it's been whatever the kids want to do. Which this summer has mostly revolved around First Aid, surgery videos, and anything medical. ( don't ask me where the kids get it from...they can watch surgery on youtube all day if I let them). I straight up passed out after taking First Aid for work.....so clearly this not coming from me.

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