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Sunday at the Ocean

Yesterday we headed over to Oswald West State Park to hike the trails and play at the beach. It was a beautiful old growth forest with massive sitka spruces. One of my favorite things about this trail is the amount of amazing and unique trees that double as fantastic play spots.

The trail was only about 0.5 miles each way, which was a perfect distance for my two year old who bombed down the hill the entire way down. The kids stopped at every possible tree to play in the roots or climb it.

Once we got down the beach, we moved over to the left side, where the creek was flowing out into the ocean. It was an absolutely magical place , full of amazing rocks, driftwood and seashells. The kids were occupied for hours playing with rocks, running around in the creek, and sailing wood down the creek. It was unusually hot for January, 55 degrees, so the kids were without sweaters and running around barefoot!

We stayed there about for about 5 hours before we decided to head back up the trail and head home. A perfect Sunday to energize us for the week ahead. If anyone is interested in a full review of Oswald West State Park, I'll be posting our trip over at later this week!

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