• Kari Wilde

Unschooling Field Trip : Beach Day

We went to the beach recently to one of our favorite spots along the Oregon Coast. We love this spot because there is so much for the kids to do. It's not JUST a beach, which is fine, but we tend to pick spots with lots features for the kids to explore. This particular area has a MASSIVE dune to explore, some nice trails to walk, amazing spots to watch waves crash against the rugged shoreline, tide-pools ( loaded with sea anemones) and an amazing grassy area that is fun for the kids to explore if they need a break from the sand.

We took a little walk down the beach later in the afternoon and discovered a dead sea lion which fascinated the kids. After exploring the sea lion corpse, we headed to the library the next day so we could check out several books on sea lions. They are such fascinating animals. It was the perfect ending to such a fun day on the beach. Plus, on the way home we ran into a bunch of deer on the road, which was also a total bonus!

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