• Kari Wilde

Wildlife Refuge Adventures-Unschooling Field Trips

We decided to take an impromptu trip to Olympia, WA for the weekend to visit some friends and also check out some of the natural areas in the region. We settled on the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and it did not disappoint. I'm sure it's pretty all the time but we went right before a massive storm hit, the sky was so dark and moody, it was a photographer's dream. The kids loved watching the storm roll closer and closer to us.

I love taking the kids to wildlife and bird refuge's since there are so many animals to view and learn about. This particular refuge was just loaded with frogs that were croaking the most beautiful melody! There was also a fantastic boardwalk that went way out into the sound, with lots of different bird viewing areas. I'm told that when the tide goes out , the area is covered in mud flats and you can see crabs scurrying about. We also saw some fantastic harbor seals frolicking near the boardwalk!

Homeschooling is so fun, if only for the adventures we get to go on in the name of education! This week, we will be back to our regular forest unschooling adventures but it was a fun change of pace.

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Unschooling Field Trips

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