• Kari Wilde

Weekend Hikes + Climbing Adventures

We went on a little weekend adventure this past weekend. The weather was less then ideal, but meh, we've never been "good weather only" folks. Luckily, we recently stocked up on some new winter gear for the kids which has made all the difference in our adventuring. My middle son is much more sensitive to cold weather then the rest of the kids. Once we swapped out some of his older gear for some new, warmer gear, he's like a puppy in the snow, with rosy cheeks. The clothes we have now really keep him insulated and toasty! This has really helped us adventure further and longer, now that his clothing situation is on point.

We drove about two hours north and visited some new trails and an awesome natural site that has mysterious mounds that have stumped scientist for decades. Really cool stuff! The kids had fun exploring the different mounds, coming up with their own theories as to their existence!

The next day we explored the sound and a few new trails. It started to snow on us. Not just any snow, big beautiful fluffy snow flakes. The kind of snowflakes that are just perfect for catching in your mouth! Once we made it down into the sound, we explored the beach and threw some rocks into the water. After about two hours, it got really, really cold so we hiked back up the trail and hit the climbing gym for some top rope. We are huge climbers and the kids love to boulder and climb top rope. This gym had some sweet auto-belay and there is nothing more exciting then climbing to the top of a massive wall only to fling yourself off of it, knowing the auto belay has you!

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