• Kari Wilde

What our Unschooling Morning Looks Like

It's been rainy here and I feel a little sad about it. We had a few weeks of warm and sunny weather and heck was I feeling pretty chipper. I had convinced myself, prematurely, that summer had arrived. Well that was fake news because now it's rainy and dreary all over again. I feel my soul crushed under the oppressive rain ( cue world's smallest violin).

We took a walk in the woods and I was immediately transported back to the depths of winter. These pictures could have been taken in February but alas, they are springtime pictures as of late!

Since we were graced with several weeks of warmer weather we HAD been adventuring pretty hard. As much as I love taking my kids all over Oregon to discover new places I don't love the idea of them sitting in the car for several hours. So this rainy weather has been KINDA ( emphasis on KINDA) nice for us to just stay close to home and rediscover our backyard trails.

We start almost every day with a nice long walk through some natural area before coming home in the afternoon for studies. The kids are so much more balanced and pleasant when we've spent several hours outside in the woods.

After lunch we usually spend a few hours studying and researching before heading back outside to play for a few hours before dad gets home and we eat dinner. If for some reason we haven't gone out there is ZERO chance the kids will sit down to work on anything!

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