• Kari Wilde

Wild Mountain Unschooling Adventures

On the weekend we decided to head east to a spot we'd never been too. I'd been browsing the internet, looking for a new spot to take the kids and this area looked really interesting.

I checked the weather where we live and it was supposed to be sunny and 47! Yassss. So we packed up the kids and drove 1.5 hours away through the mountains , failing to realize that the weather is completely different on the other side is the mountains. DUH.

As it turns out it was snowy, cold as hell and so windy my eyebrows basically flew off my face. Also it was 27 degrees. Was I prepared for this weather , you betcha I wasn’t! And it was kinda a total fail but also kinda glorious too.

The kids actually had a blast aside from complaining their feet were cold. This is totally understandable given they were not wearing snow shoes. It was pretty exhilarating to be a new place with some seriously unexpected weather!

The best part of this entire adventure was our dog, who decided she was a magnificent snow leopard and bounded from snow bank to snow bank it total bliss.

Does anyone else get really excited when their dog is so freaking happy? I do.

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