• Kari Wilde

Wildlife Walks

Our unschooling mornings are filled with rambles and today we no exception. We went on a wildlife walk through a bird refuge and decided to meander through the trails looking for animals that might bless us with their presence. It wasn't supposed to rain but the clouds grew darker and darker as we progressed further into the refuge. At one point I was certain we would end up drenched. Despite how angry and moody the clouds were, not a drop of rain fell from the sky! Heck, it wasn't even that cold!

The path was so muddy, the kids had an amazing time stomping and jumping through massively muddy puddles. At one point, everyone decided to take off their jackets and drag them through the mud, which certainly didn't make their mother happy!! STERN WORDS WERE SPOKEN!

We saw birds, but not much else. The kids were pretty content to just hang out with their sticks and splash in the water. I was hoping to see some kind newt or frog, but no such luck today!

After we were done playing at the refuge, we went home for some lunch, did some leisure reading and math work. The kids also drew in their sketch journals. The rest of the day was spent in free play while I worked a bit, tidying up the house and prepared dinner.

Well that wraps up our day friends! Makes sure to connect with me on Instagram and Youtube.

I'll see you tomorrow here!

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