• Kari Wilde

A few days in the Mountains

A few weeks ago we went on several mountain adventures to let the kids roam around the base of Mt Hood. We love taking the kids out to Mt. Hood to run around and explore. There is something about vast open wild spaces that really get their imagination flowing.

The first day we went, it was extremely warm and I wasn't mad about it. The second day we went, later in the week, it was BEYOND FRIGID. We actually explored a new area that was in a river valley and the wind was insane. We only lasted about 45 minutes before everyone started to sob, but it was an experience nonetheless.

Luckily I had our really fantastic Veyo Gloves with us. These gloves are a serious lifesaver since they are nearly impossible for the kids to take off, which is mostly an issue with our 2 year old. She complains she is freezing, but then promptly proceeds to take off her hat, mittens, coat etc. These gloves fit super nice and can be cinched up wonderfully making it difficult for toddlers to take them off ensuring their little hands stay nice and cozy!

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