• Kari Wilde

Hiking in the Land of the Giant Waterfalls with Kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The other day I took the kids on an impromptu waterfall expedition. This was a random trip that just bubbled up that morning at breakfast and we all decided it would be an excellent idea. No planning necessary.

The drive doesn't take too long ( about 45 minutes) and we had minimal complaints thanks to a new haul of fresh library books. One of the things we do to help the kids cope with "longer" car rides is to get a bunch of new books from the library and leave them in the car to be "discovered". It's been so helpful and can occupy the kids for up to two hours ( 2 hours is their breaking point BTW). Once the two hour mark approaches its basically OVER and all hell breaks loose.

Once we got to our hiking destination we decided to head out onto the trail and explore the waterfalls. The kids had the best time running up to the foot of the falls. Eventually, after getting totally and completely soaked, they convinced me that their hair had been washed by none other then Mother Nature herself and there was absolutely no need for them to wash their hair later that night.

Fine, well played kids. You win.

Honestly, I didn't even want to wash hair anyhow because it's a horrible scenario involving blood curdling screaming and high pitched wailing because, apparently, getting your hair shampooed causes extreme physical pain- at least that's what it sounds like on hair wash day at my house.

After the falls we headed out to the Sandy River for some fun river play. It mostly went well until a rock fight broke out (#boys). This was then followed up by an accidental fall which led to a dropped lollipop, which then lead to alligator tears. After the third bout of tears we called it quits and headed home for a late lunch.

Overall, a pretty successful day if you ask me!

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