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The 5 BEST Unschooling Blogs for 2019

Today I'm going to count down my top 5 favorite unschooling blogs for 2019. I LOVE to read about other unschooling family's daily life. Unschooling looks so different from family-to-family. There are as many flavors of unschoolers as there are families that practice self-directed education, which is why it's so fun to read blogs! There is always so much to learn.

So without further delay, here are my favorite unschooling blogs that I'm loving this year.

The 5 BEST Unschooling Blogs for 2019 : Rewildhood
The best unschooling blogs

The blog is great but if you don't have to time read, just listen to the Sage Family Podcast. It is SO GREAT. Rachel interviews so many amazing leaders in the natural education movement and I can't tell you how many times I've been inspired. It is literally balm for my unschooling soul. She blogs and has a great Instagram account too!

Just an all around wonderful blog if you're a seasoned unschooler or a someone whose just getting into the idea of unschooling. She has a great blog, a fantastic resource section and great book ideas.

I've been subscribed to Lucy's YouTube channel for quite some time now and her videos are totally GOLD. She has an incredible website that is jam packed with so much valuable information. One of my favorite blog posts that she has written is titled "But How Will They Learn?". Go check it out, it's so great!

I have followed Laura's blog for years, even when my kids were just tiny little things. She has some amazing posts on natural learning. Some of my favorite posts are related to natural math and applied mathematics for children, which totally transformed the way I thought about math education for my little unschoolers. She is all around an amazing writer and is such a wealth of information.

As a fellow vegan, I mostly follow Ellen for her delicious vegan lifestyle but she also unschools her kids. The videos and posts she has on the subject have been some of my most favorites.She is not a super active blogger but make sure to check out her instagram and youtube channel for some unschooling goodness! It's amazing to watch her happy and healthy kids learn through LIFE!

Of course, you can always read MY blog which has a wilderness twist to it. If you're into taking your kids into the forest, mountains or ocean to learn, then I think you may enjoy my posts :)

But enough about me. What are your favorite unschooling and natural education blogs? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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The 5 BEST Unschooling Blogs for 2019 : Rewildhood
The best unschooling blogs

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