• Kari Wilde

Unschooling in the Forest

Yesterday we spent the morning in the forest, rambling about the trails looking for mushrooms and other interesting things. The kids are really interested in mushrooms and we've been using our morning walks to look for fungus.

We found some fungus and mushrooms we've never seen before and the kids were pretty excited with their new discoveries. The trail was super muddy, so the two younger kids had a blast miffing around in the mud puddles. There were also quite a few fallen logs the kids had fun jumping and climbing all around.

We try to spend at least 2 hours outside in the morning so that we can have a somewhat peaceful afternoon "school" time where the kids have the ability to sit down and work on their art, other self-directed projects or do work on math ( if you are interested in how we do math, check out the post I did here) without going bonkers and fidgeting like crazy!

Afternoon School Time

When we got back the kids listened to some audio-books while I put the littlest forest explorer down for a nap and caught up on some work. When nap time was over, the kids sat down at the kitchen table for some nature journaling.

We drew mushrooms for a bit and then my eldest worked on map making. After he was done drawing his maps we sat together and calculated how far we had walked that morning using the distances that were on the map he had picked up from the trail- head. In the end we discovered that we had walked 1.5 miles ( on 2.5 hours!). It was slow going but fun nonetheless!

Unschooling day in the life

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